Surely it is time for a change in EU Procurement Rules?

Surely there is an opportunity for changes in complex EU procurement rules ahead of the Autumn Statement as the Government implements its Brexit timetable.

The government are driving for efficiencies and have made some positive steps in reducing time spent tendering such as introducing PAS 91 which combines the selection and award documentation and allows the supplier to ‘Self-Cleanse’.

Research suggests that this burden is caused, in part, by the rules that are enforced as a result of EU procurement regulations and whilst some of the EU processes are sensible, and ensure a competitive market for customers, the decision to leave the EU potentially opens the opportunity to look again at the areas that are not working as well.

Therefore, a working party including members of the supply chain should form a collaborative procurement group to look now at what the future of procurement might look like outside the EU.

Contracting authorities should take this opportunity to work with key industry players and a agree a way forward that offers them a process to select the right suppliers to carry out the work (not the best writers!).

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