Winning PQQ’s and Tender Toolkit

Before submitting a tender, some clients would like you to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire before you are allowed to submit your tender.

As only the highest ranked businesses will be invited to tender, a coherent PQQ is essential. We will work with you to build an appropriate toolkit comprising:

  • Finance
  • Legitimacy and status
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Environmental and sustainability
  • Equal opportunities
  • Health and safety
  • Insurances
  • Social Value

We can help you build capacity within your organisation, and writing supporting policies, CV’s and Case Studies that back up your business processes and approach.

Our team can help you building this tender toolkit.

This will help you win more tenders, eliminate the stress and workload associated with bid administration.

Not only can we reduce the cost of full time bid management, we help increase your chance of winning tenders by effectively controlling and administrating the integral bid process.


Tender Review – this helps us gauge your tendering experience and how we can support you climbing to the top to win more tenders.

This can start with no experience and developing a programme to get you on the right track to start sourcing and winning more tenders or with large bids often taking an extended amount of time, we are there to support you to the end.

Our experience of extended competitive dialogues support means, we understand the necessity of control and review at every stage.

Throughout each iteration, we ensure that the tender information is well presented, creative and easily evaluated.

We continually review and improve our winning interventions, documentation and processes throughout public and private sector evaluation.

Quality Management Documents to form part of your toolkit

When it comes to preparing and evaluating tenders, we will work with you to develop a range of quality management documents that act as a checklist for ensuring vital information is consistent and concise and meets your company procedures.

In addition to certifying that key information is contained within the tender, and the documents provide persuasive demonstration of your organisation’s capability, solutions and originality.

We have valuable insight into evaluation and procurement processes, ensuring that we can tailor our services accordingly.

how can we help you?

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