Public Sector Tendering

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Public Sector Tendering

We work across all the public sector contracting authorities from the NHS, MoD, Education, Central and Local Government delivering winning tenders in every sector. We have won tenders on multi-million pound capital and infrastructure projects including Bridges, Airports, Rail, Hospitals, Ports, Prisons, MoD facilities, Universities, Frameworks, Social Housing and Utility Sectors.

Why tender to the public sector?

  • The government has been tasked to reduce barriers to entry and encourage SME’s to bid for public sector contracts.
  • In 2013/14, the UK public sector spent a total of £242 billion on procurement of goods and services; this accounted for 33% of public sector spending.
  • Now public sector clients are actively promoting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or encouraging local growth.
  • Public sectors organisations achieved their target to procure 25% of goods and services by value from small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • The 2015 Conservative manifesto included a pledge to increase the percentage spent with small and medium-sized enterprises to a third.
  • Value for money is a key principle in public procurement, normally achieved through fair and open competition.
  • Promote local businesses winning local work through the introduction of the Social Value Act 2012
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Over the past 12 months, our track record in advising companies securing successful progression in public sector procurement processes at PQQs is 97% and at final tender stage is in excess of 80%.

In over 85% of the ITT stage submissions we have attained the highest technical score in the quality and technical sections.


We now advise in more than 20 public sector markets, including construction and property, and cover public sector organisations from the NHS to the MoD, the Ministry of Justice through to Emergency services.

Our extensive knowledge of the public sector procurement processes has enabled us to help develop small [less than 10 employees] and large organisations [more the 3000 employees] over the last 9 years.

That experience is available to you and your team. Our unique mix of staff in the team includes sector specialists and public sector evaluators.

This ensures that the quality of the final product is particularised to each project and captures and enhances your competencies and experiences, presenting them in the best way to score highly.

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